Rachel (“Very much the rock’n’roll star of British comedy”-Rolling Stone) – (“Fairburn delivers…with sadistic glee”– Guardian) – (“Mouth Almighty” – Her Friends) is back with a brand-new tour for 2023.

She’ll be casting her acerbic eye over everything from your children to her pretentious new alcohol-free life (accurate at time of writing).

She’s worried though. Has she mellowed a bit? She carries a lucky crystal now. Catch her before she disappears to the countryside with only joss sticks and taxidermy for company.

"Very much the rock'n'roll star of british comedy" Rolling stone

  • funny women

    “Gag-heavy, opinionated and smart"

  • the skinny

    “Bright, brave and bitterly enjoyable"

  • chortle

    “Huge presence in a pint-sized frame"